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Should husband bring most of the money in the family? Empty Should husband bring most of the money in the family?

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:06 pm
Should husband bring most of the money in the family?

Starting a family is truly difficult. Just imagine all the responsibilities that come along with it. The couple has their own roles in building the family of their dreams. It's important that they make sure they provide what their family needs, from physiologic needs like food, shelter, clothing to emotional needs like love, care, support, among others. It's also important that the couple is not only emotionally ready when they decide to get married, but also financially stable. Money is indeed essential in starting and sustaining a family. It's no doubt that we grew up in a society where the guy or the husband is viewed as the head of the family. With this title comes the responsibility of providing their family well. During the early times, the guy has the sole responsibility of finding a decent job and working hard to support the family's finances. Although parental roles have changed a lot as the years have passed, the concept of the husband being the good provider in the family remains to be a debate for some or most people. It would be different of course, for the single parents. There are certain situations where the wife is more successful than her husband and sometimes, it becomes an issue to the couple; it somehow hurts the husband's ego. Some people also has a negative perception about this scenario, particularly on the husband's capability of being the provider. However, there are also some situations where it is not really a big deal to the couples.

what is your view about this issue?

Do you think that the husband should bring the most of the money in the family?

For the guys, is it okay with you if it's not the case?
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